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The Undercurrent of Anxiety and What I’m Doing About It – Huffington Post

Huffington PostThe Undercurrent of Anxiety and What I'm Doing About ItHuffington PostAnxiety seems to be a constant undercurrent in my life right now. It hums as I drive to work, blares when I feel weird in a social situation, whispers as I get ready for bed at night, and threads its fingers through the majority of my waking—and …and more » Read Entire Story

Signs That Your Child Might Be Suffering From Anxiety – Child … – GoodHousekeeping.com

GoodHousekeeping.comSigns That Your Child Might Be Suffering From Anxiety – Child …GoodHousekeeping.comOne in every eight children suffers from an anxiety disorder — and your child's behavior can tell you if he or she is one of them.and more » Read Entire Story

Men with anxiety are more vulnerable to cancer, study says – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesMen with anxiety are more vulnerable to cancer, study saysLos Angeles TimesMen over 40 who are plagued with the omnipresent of generalized anxiety disorder are more than twice as likely to die of cancer than are men who do not have the mental affliction, new research finds. But for women who suffer from severe anxiety, the …Anxiety: Risk factor for death from cancer in menScience DailyMen suffering anxiety are 'TWICE as likely to die from cancer'The SunAnxious men twice as likely to die from cancer, research Read Entire Story

Scientists discover response to anxiety linked to movement control areas in brain

Researchers have discovered that the response to anxiety in teenagers may include not only the parts of the brain which deal with emotions , as has been long understood, but also movement control centres in the brain, which may be associated with movement inhibition when stressed . This is a small longitudinal study, presented at the ECNP conference in Vienna. Read Entire Story

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The average Facebook user has 338 Facebook friends. Generally speaking, these are 338 people with whom a user is at least passingly acquainted. Read Entire Story

Increase in anxiety and self harm levels among Scots

Reports of anxiety and self harm are on the rise, with women aged between 16 and 24 most likely to suffer lower mental wellbeing. The Scottish Health Survey found the number of adults with two or more symptoms of anxiety rose from 9 per cent in 2012/13 to 12 per cent in 2014/15. Read Entire Story

Suffer from fear and anxiety?

Fear and Anxiety Have you been affected by fear and anxiety?  For me it was like a domino effect with stress causing anxiety, then panic appears and finally you fear the panic happening again.  Stress over a long time was the trigger for me. Fear and anxiety are a normal part of life and have evolved on the basis that you adapt in response to threat.  … Read Entire Story

In Men, Depression is Different – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalIn Men, Depression is DifferentWall Street JournalHe's depressed. I don't know how to help him. Statistics show that men become depressed much less often than women do. In 2014, 4.8% of men aged 18 or older in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode in the past year, compared with 8.2% of … Read Entire Story

Depression During Pregnancy Linked to Gestational Diabetes – Live Science

Live ScienceDepression During Pregnancy Linked to Gestational DiabetesLive ScienceDepression during and after pregnancy may be linked to gestational diabetes, a new government study found. Women in the study who reported feeling depressed early in pregnancy were more likely to develop gestational diabetes later in pregnancy …Link between depression and gestational diabetes works two waysMedical News TodayDepression in early pregnancy linked to gestational diabetes, NIH study findsNational Institutes of Health (press Read Entire Story

Doug Meijer: A billionaire’s battle with depression – WOODTV.com

WOODTV.comDoug Meijer: A billionaire's battle with depressionWOODTV.comGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Depression does not discriminate. Doug Meijer says his battle with the illness is proof positive. “The old saying 'money can't buy happiness,' it's true,” Meijer said. The West Michigan grocery store executive spoke about … Read Entire Story

The anxiety election – Washington Examiner (blog)

The anxiety electionWashington Examiner (blog)Setting aside the anxiety-inducing prospect of a president who actually does have a major health issue, the campaign's bizarre response to the story (ditch the press, hide the candidate, wait a few hours while the news media speculates, finally reveal …and more » Read Entire Story

For Kids, Anxiety About School Can Feel Like ‘Being Chased By A Lion’ – NPR

NPRFor Kids, Anxiety About School Can Feel Like 'Being Chased By A Lion'NPREvery morning, Mia and Chris tape a red or a green piece of paper to their front door. It's a signal for their son's bus driver. Green, pick him up. Red, keep driving. On this morning, at 6, it's not looking good. Mia and Chris Read Entire Story

iPhone 7 Review: The Anti-Anxiety iPhone – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournaliPhone 7 Review: The Anti-Anxiety iPhoneWall Street JournalBut they fix much of what has long ailed the iPhone—and that's reason enough to get over the headphone thing and upgrade. Think of it as the anti-anxiety iPhone. Ponder for a moment the many ways Apple has elevated global blood pressure over the past …iPhone 7 release: First look at photos from the new 7 Plus | SI.comSI. Read Entire Story


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