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Cultural Anxiety, Not Economic Anxiety, Drove White Working Class … – The Atlantic

The AtlanticCultural Anxiety, Not Economic Anxiety, Drove White Working Class …The AtlanticA new study finds that fear of societal change, not economic pressure, motivated votes for the president among non-salaried workers without college degrees.Fears of Cultural Displacement Pushed the White Working Class to Trump – PRRIPRRIall 11 news articles » Read Entire Story

5 ways anxiety can lead to physical problems | KSL.com – KSL.com

KSL.com5 ways anxiety can lead to physical problems | KSL.comKSL.comThis story is sponsored by Intermountain LiVe Well. LiVe Well is about helping people live the healthiest lives possible. Anxiety is the most prevalent mental …and more » Read Entire Story

How a 23-Year-Old With Mild Anxiety and a Charmed Life Became the Lying, Sobbing, Lovesick Toast of Broadway – New York Times

New York TimesHow a 23-Year-Old With Mild Anxiety and a Charmed Life Became the Lying, Sobbing, Lovesick Toast of BroadwayNew York TimesHe'd lost 30 pounds to more convincingly play the part of an anxiety-crippled 17-year-old (he's 23), and it was a little startling to see up close how lean he was. There were four perfectly round bruises on his back from his regular cupping sessions …and more » Read Entire Story

Stress and Addiction

Stress is a key risk factor in addiction initiation, maintenance, relapse, and thus treatment failure . Stressful life events combined with poor coping skills may impact risk of addiction through increasing impulsive responding and self- medication . Read Entire Story

Virtual-reality therapy found effective for treating phobias and PTSD

Virtual reality technology can be an effective part of treatment for phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans, and other mental health conditions, according to an open-access research review in the May/June issue of the Harvard Review of Psychiatry . “VR-based exposure therapy” has been found effective for treating panic disorder, schizophrenia, acute and chronic pain, addictions , social anxiety disorder, claustrophobia, agoraphobia , eating disorders, “generalized anxiety disorder” , obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even schizophrenia. Read Entire Story

Taming the Trouble with Inhalers: A New Way to Treat Asthma

A common treatment for asthma, which is the most prevalent chronic childhood disease, requires use of an inhaler. But a big problem with inhalers, used to deliver steroids and other drugs in an aerosol form, is that children often don't operate them properly. Read Entire Story

Secret to Getting Rocked Out of Your Rut

Are You Stuck In a Rut? We’ve all had the experience…our tires mired up in the mud and no matter how much gas we give the ole engine, the wheels just keep spinning, digging us deeper into the rut. What a wonderful analogy for how we can be in our personal lives. Our … Read Entire Story

Through the Eyes of a Stranger

Billy’s Legendary Anger *Billy’s Dad ditched him and his mother before Billy could walk. As his mother churned through a string of nasty boyfriends and three smoldering step-fathers, Billy’s anger was set to boil in record time. Arrested twice for assault before his 18th birthday, Billy was headed straight out of the high life on a one-way ticket to prison or … Read Entire Story

Origins of Tweet and Other Important Words

Words Organize Thoughts and Introduce Concepts Do you know the origins of tweet, a now very-familiar term in social media? Word meanings and origins are often lost over time. If we understood who coined them and for what reasons, it tells us a lot about the author and the time in which he/she lived. As such, words are powerful for expressing mental concepts and influencing thinking, sometimes for centuries. Imagine how the concept of a… Read Entire Story

Are Certain Professions More Prone to Depression? – U.S. News & World Report

Are Certain Professions More Prone to Depression?U.S. News & World ReportDepression has been linked to a number of environmental factors, including stress, lack of physical activity, exposure to toxins, social isolation and lack of medical and social support. So it should come as no surprise that people in jobs with higher … Read Entire Story

Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals struggle with postpartum depression – Today.com

Today.comSarah Michelle Gellar reveals struggle with postpartum depressionToday.comSarah Michelle Gellar is sharing her story of how she battled postpartum depression following the birth of her now-7-year-old daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze. The former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actress wrote a candid Instagram post Tuesday about …Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals postpartum depression struggleEW.comSarah Michelle Gellar 'made it through' postpartum depressionPage SixSarah Michelle Gellar Reveals She Battled Postpartum Depression: I 'Made It Through'Us WeeklyNew York Daily News -E! Online -Huffington post (press release) (blog) -Instagramall 29 news articles » Read Entire Story

‘Depression isn’t beautiful’: Woman’s heartbreaking Facebook post goes viral – Fox News

Fox News'Depression isn't beautiful': Woman's heartbreaking Facebook post goes viralFox NewsRather, she writes, “Depression is bad hygiene, dirty dishes, and a sore body from sleeping too much. Depression is having 3 friends that are only still around because they have the patience and love of a saint. Depression is crying until there's no … Read Entire Story

Can Psychedelic Drugs Treat Anxiety and Depression? – Men’s Health

Men’s HealthCan Psychedelic Drugs Treat Anxiety and Depression?Men’s HealthThe doctor's colleague at NYU Langone Medical Center was preparing a trial of psilocybin—the active ingredient in so-called magic mushrooms—to treat the anxiety and depression that often accompany a cancer diagnosis. There was still room on the roster. Read Entire Story


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