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New Research Reveals Neural Roots of Social Anxiety – Psychology Today (blog)

Psychology Today (blog)New Research Reveals Neural Roots of Social AnxietyPsychology Today (blog)People with social anxiety disorder, who have an extreme fear of social objects or situations, seem primed to experience negative emotions in situations that would have no impact on others. For example, in social anxiety disorder, individuals may fear … Read Entire Story

Letter of Recommendation: Anxiety Dreams – New York Times

New York TimesLetter of Recommendation: Anxiety DreamsNew York TimesAnxiety dreams may not be fun in the moment, but they deliver a truly powerful form of relief. Credit Illustration by St. Francis Elevator Ride. It is incredible to me how little I remember of what I was taught in high school. Whole subjects, entire … Read Entire Story

How To Feel More Secure, Calm And Resilient In Your Anxiety – Forbes

ForbesHow To Feel More Secure, Calm And Resilient In Your AnxietyForbesHow To Feel More Secure, Calm And Resilient In Your Anxiety. Morra Aarons-Mele , Contributor. Postcards featuring the World War II British slogan 'Keep Calm and Carry On' are seen outside a newsagents in London. (Photo by credit should read LEON … Read Entire Story

The Rainy Day

This is a selection from a  poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. For me this poem is all about growing older, getting through the dark days, knowing sunny days are coming and to accept that our life is not perfect.  Being ‘blue’ is ok if you give it a time frame to experience it… Read Entire Story

Tropical Depression in Bay of Bengal May Become Tropical Cyclone Vardah and Threaten India This Weekend – The Weather Channel

The Weather ChannelTropical Depression in Bay of Bengal May Become Tropical Cyclone Vardah and Threaten India This WeekendThe Weather ChannelA tropical depression has formed in the southeastern Bay of Bengal and is expected to continue to strengthen over the next few days. Impacts are possible in eastern India as early as this weekend. Deadly flash floods, due to heavy rain associated with …Depression Read Entire Story

27% of Medical Students Are Depressed – TIME

TIME27% of Medical Students Are DepressedTIMEDoctors are health professionals, yet they have far higher rates of depression than the average person. According to a new analysis, that elevated risk is present even before they become doctors, back when they're in medical school. In the new research …A quarter of med students are depressed, suicidal, Read Entire Story

Naomi Judd Reveals She Suffered from Suicidal Depression — and Is Still Healing – PEOPLE.com

PEOPLE.comNaomi Judd Reveals She Suffered from Suicidal Depression — and Is Still HealingPEOPLE.comThree years ago, Naomi Judd faced some of her darkest days. The singer was in the grip of a deep depression and was suffering panic attacks despite heavy medication, multiple therapies and two stays in psychiatric wards. Suicide seemed the only way out …Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle With 'Life-Threatening …ABC NewsNaomi Judd reveals 'severe depression&# Read Entire Story

Baby rescue goat’s anxiety soothed by dressing in duck costume – UPI.com

PEOPLE.comBaby rescue goat's anxiety soothed by dressing in duck costumeUPI.com28 (UPI) — A New Jersey woman said she found an unusual treatment for her rescue goat suffering from anxiety — dressing the small animal in a child's duck costume. Leanne Lauricella, who runs the Goats of Anarchy rescue group in Annandale Read Entire Story

I Understand My Son’s Anxiety Because I Am Anxious Too – Scary Mommy

I Understand My Son's Anxiety Because I Am Anxious TooScary MommyWhen my son was born, I worried about his future. Like every parent, I worried if he was eating enough, if he was sleeping enough, if I should let him cry it out or rock him to sleep. Of course, since I had anxiety, I worried about a good deal more … Read Entire Story

Women Are More Than Twice as Likely to Develop Anxiety Disorders – University of Utah Health Care

University of Utah Health CareWomen Are More Than Twice as Likely to Develop Anxiety DisordersUniversity of Utah Health CareAnxiety is potentially the most common mental health concern in the U.S. and it's on the rise. Forty million Americans have been diagnosed with anxiety …Women and people under the age of 35 at greatest risk of anxiety …Knowridge Science Reportall 2 news articles » Read Entire Story

Sports & Health Best apps for mobile mental health

These days, it seems like there's a smartphone app for just about every situation. From dating, to driving to drinking water, technology has found a way to improve them all. Read Entire Story

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Where To Get Generic Sinequan Drug. Generic Sinequan is a tricyclic antidepressant. Read Entire Story

One in Three Attorneys Are Alcoholics

Get in-depth analysis of current trends in the legal community, profiles of fascinating professionals, academic issues and lifestyle discussions for law school students, and a few out-of-the-ordinary goings on in the world delivered to your inbox. If you look around your law office, one in three of your fellow lawyers are drunks. Read Entire Story


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