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How To Deal With Meeting Bae’s Family When You Have Horrible Anxiety – Elite Daily

Elite DailyHow To Deal With Meeting Bae's Family When You Have Horrible AnxietyElite DailyI might as well wear a T-shirt that says, “Talk ~anxiety~ to me” because I indulge in that anxious talk much more than I indulge in that dirty talk. Sometimes, when I'm drinking by myself at the bar, I'll gaze Read Entire Story

Economic Anxiety Is All About Progress, Not Income – Mother Jones

Economic Anxiety Is All About Progress, Not IncomeMother JonesThe debate continues over whether Donald Trump's blue-collar supporters—virtually of them white—are motivated by economic anxiety or racial anxiety. I think the evidence is pretty clear that racial anxiety plays the larger role, but it's hardly the … Read Entire Story

The Mr. Robot mobile game leverages our anxiety over notifications – Polygon

PolygonThe Mr. Robot mobile game leverages our anxiety over notificationsPolygonReading the texts would alter my mood, but not knowing what had been sent to me was even worse for my anxiety. We live in an era of constantly needing to know what's being said. We spend hours digging through Twitter threads on a specific topic or … Read Entire Story

Aphria Inc (APH) to Post FY2017 Earnings of $0.01 Per Share, Clarus Securities Forecasts

Stock analysts at Clarus Securities lowered their FY2017 earnings per share estimates for shares of Aphria in a report issued on Friday. Clarus Securities analyst N. Atkinson now expects that the brokerage will earn $0.01 per share for the year, down from their previous forecast of $0.05. Read Entire Story

29 Unexpected Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day | Bring on the cat videos

YouTube or Netflix.2. Sniff a lemon. Studies show that inhaling the aroma of citrus can reduce tension, depression, fatigue, anger and anxiety.3. Try some online retail therapy. Read Entire Story

Anxiety disorders, the new fad for college students

As college students, we all worry. We have a plethora of tests and assignments in addition to an overwhelming number of new adult responsibilities. Read Entire Story

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Here’s What Your Instagram Feed Says About Your Mental Health – Fortune

FortuneHere's What Your Instagram Feed Says About Your Mental HealthFortuneParticipants' levels of depression were determined using a standardized clinical depression survey. They were then asked about their social media habits and history of depression diagnosis. The researchers then analyzed their Instagram photos by …Choosing this Instagram filter could mean you're depressedCNNMoneyYour Instagram feed can tell us if you're depressed, study suggestsWashington PostMachine Detects Depression From Instagram PhotosSeekerNewser -azcentral.com -ZME Science -Twitterall 108 news articles Read Entire Story

Depression: A revolution in treatment? – BBC News

Depression: A revolution in treatment?BBC NewsIt's not very often we get to talk about a revolution in understanding and treating depression and yet now doctors are talking about "one of the strongest discoveries in psychiatry for the last 20 years". It is based around the idea that some people …and more » Read Entire Story

Noah Galloway Talks Depression, Alcohol Abuse : People.com – People Magazine

People MagazineNoah Galloway Talks Depression, Alcohol Abuse : People.comPeople Magazine"One thing about my depression: I hid it very well," the war veteran and double amputee reveals.Noah Galloway dares to share his struggles with depression …AL.comall 11 news articles » Read Entire Story

Paul Krugman: Racism, Not Economic Anxiety, Drives Trump Voters – Huffington Post

Huffington PostPaul Krugman: Racism, Not Economic Anxiety, Drives Trump VotersHuffington PostRather, the Nobel Prize-winning economist said the Republican nominee plays to racial tensions among white, low-income voters who blame immigrants and people of color for their financial hardship. “Economic anxiety is not a very good predictor of who's …and more » Read Entire Story

Featured Attractions at Anxiety Land Theme Park – The New Yorker

The New YorkerFeatured Attractions at Anxiety Land Theme ParkThe New YorkerFor the anxious and panic-prone among us, there's no need for roller coasters or thrill rides. Life's everyday horrors can be enough to make you scream! With that in mind, Anxiety Land Theme Park has designed some new harrowing attractions. Ride at … Read Entire Story

I Started the “Economic Anxiety” Joke about Trump—and It’s Gone Too Far Now – New Republic

New RepublicI Started the “Economic Anxiety” Joke about Trump—and It's Gone Too Far NowNew RepublicThe view that Donald Trump's political appeal rests in widespread “economic anxiety” has been propounded by everyone from lowly political commentators to President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and continues to dominate retrospective analyses of …and more » Read Entire Story


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